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Making things better, even when they can’t be made right.

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The COVID 19 pandemic brought grief to the forefront of cultural consciousness: everyone lost something, from the loss of daily routine and normalcy, up through the loss of multiple family members. While this certainly wasn’t how we wanted things to happen, the pandemic and its (still unfolding) aftermath give us an opportunity to radically change our understanding of grief - right now, while the whole world is grieving.

Even before the pandemic disrupted (and ended) so many lives, grief was a widespread and misunderstood public health crisis. Rising rates of depression, addiction, suicidality, and loneliness all share the same foundation: unresolved or unsupported grief. While grief is a universal issue, there hasn’t been a major change to the ways we approach grief - medically or personally - in over 50 years. Treating grief as a disease or disorder simply isn’t working. It’s time for a more humane approach.


A Better Way to Look at Grief

I’m Megan Devine, best-selling author, psychotherapist, and grief advocate. For the last ten years, I’ve pioneered a more empathetic, inclusive and skillful response to grief. Having built a thriving community of grieving people connecting through Refuge in Grief, I’ve turned my attention to helping the wider world learn to respond with more skill when life goes horribly wrong.

With more people seeking professional support for multiple losses, the need for skilled providers is vast. Unprecedented levels of loss and moral injury for healthcare workers on top of increasing consumer demand presents an emerging crisis: the dire need for quality support and education in the medical and mental healthcare industries for grief on the job and in the job.

Launching in early 2022, my new training and consulting company, THE AFTER INSTITUTE provides comprehensive grief training programs, resources, and support to equip clinical, medical, and allied industries with the tools they need to address grief in all its forms, in the office and out in the world.

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Listen to best-selling author and psychotherapist Megan Devine explore one of the trickiest parts of being human: what to do when life goes horribly wrong.

There’s a lot of talk out there about mental health and the importance of seeking help - but who helps the helpers? If you work with people in emotional pain, you’ll know how hard it is to come up with the right things to say.

Get practical insight and advice from psychotherapist and grief advocate Megan Devine on Here After, the weekly show from the author of It’s OK that You’re Not OK.

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Press Bio

Megan Devine is a best-selling author, psychotherapist, and grief advocate. With over 20 years in the field - and deep personal experience of grief - she is the go-to authority for grievers, supporters, and industry professionals. Her pioneering work provides a professional, inclusive, and realistic approach to grief, one that goes beyond pathology-based, reductive models.

Her best-selling book It’s OK that You’re Not OK has sold over 250K copies and is available in 16 languages. New York Magazine’s The Strategist named the book in their “Top 16 Grief Books Recommended by Psychologists in 2021.” With engagement in the millions, Megan’s original grassroots movement, REFUGE IN GRIEF, houses a committed and rapidly growing community of grievers drawn to her direct and validating approach. Her animated short, “How to Help a Grieving Friend,” has been viewed over 70 million times and is used in training programs around the world. She has been published in Psychology Today, The New York Times, and The Washington Post, and has served as a grief expert for major media outlets including NPR, iHeartRadio, and the PBS documentary, Speaking Grief. In 2021, Megan launched her highly-anticipated, weekly podcast HERE AFTER (from iHeartMedia). The show aims to change how we talk about mental health by radically changing how we talk about grief.

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